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September 9, 2009 eni suhaeni

Getting Used Car Loan with Bad Credit at low rates,

Published by dreamvehicles July 13th, 2009 in Advice, Autos, Finance and Loans.
Used car loans and bad credit car loans are no wonder to get these days. Nearly a quarter of Americans are credit-challenged. In such a scenario if you have an imperfect credit, you should have little problem in getting the car of your dreams. But before applying, there are certain precautions that you must take, to ensure the desired results. Since interest rates and other restrictions imposed on bad credit auto finance can vary greatly by lender, it’s a good idea to find as many lenders as possible so that you can compare the offers of any which are willing to give you a loan.
Buying a used car is a good means to save money and then comes the used car loan in order to do so. Used car loans are just like getting any other type of loan. The lender will check your credit and use that to determine whether or not you will get used car finance. If you do receive a used auto loan, the lender will also use your credit to determine what your interest rate will be.

It is important to understand the basics of used auto loans so as to determine the risks involved. There are two different types of used car financing provided by banks. These comprise of secured loan and an unsecured loan.

A secured loan needs the borrower to pledge any personal asset or immovable property as collateral against the used car loan amount. The biggest advantage of a secured car loan is that one can obtain the loan at a competitive rate. On the other hand, an unsecured loan is one where the borrower is not required to pledge any asset against the loan amount. However, lenders offer unsecured loans at higher interest rates so as to minimize their risk. Go to a credit union to get a used car loan. A credit union can usually offer lower interest rates than a bank.

For bad credit auto loans after you fill out applications, you will be expected to give a social security number, proof of income and residence to qualify. It is also often required for those with poor credit to supply a minimum of a $1000 down payment on the vehicle they are purchasing, though this is not always the case. Although having poor credit is unfortunate, lenders do exist which will give you a high-risk car loan in spite of your credit. Because of bad credit, the interest rates will be high. But when your credit in the future improves, you can always refinance car loan and negotiate for a better rate.

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